God’s Pet Peeves 🍀

Shrimp angel

I recently re-read the Bible's Leviticus chapter 11, with its variety of walking, crawling, slithering, swimming, and flapping abominations. There were some highlights I thought I'd share: We aren’t actually supposed to be eating ostriches. I was a bit surprised by that because I didn't realize ostriches were bountiful enough in Hebrew lands to put… Continue reading God’s Pet Peeves 🍀

A Day at the Creation Museum πŸ¦–

Adam in the Garden of Eden, at the Creation Museum

Recently I visited the Creation Museum (not far from Cincinnati), which I’ve always wanted to see for funsies. In the past, I’ve gone deep on both sides of the evolution vs creation debate, since learning about the science of evolution was one of the earlier steps for me in moving away from the wacky religious… Continue reading A Day at the Creation Museum πŸ¦–