Gallery of impressive animal eyes, ears, and noses

Animal Superpowers: Earth’s Best Eyesight, Hearing, & Smell πŸ…

Meet the creatures with the most powerful, sensitive, weird, and sophisticated eyes, ears, and noses in the animal kingdom.

Humans are pretty cool, and we have some unique strengths compared to other animals. There’s our hallmark intelligence that has led to world domination and geniuses from Isaac Newton to Cardi B. We have unique abilities with language, and our skills have uniquely enabled cooperation and technology to compound at exponential rates over generations. We also have incredible fine motor skills, and are by far the best throwers in nature. Plus we’re the only animals that blush.

That’s some cool shit, but other animals surpass us at almost everything else we do. Below, I’ve included links to each of my articles in this series.

Part 1: Animals with the Best Eyesight

Part 2: Animals with the Best Hearing

Part 3: Animals with the Best Sense of Smell

In future posts, I’m hoping to explore the animal champions of other senses and abilities like taste, touch, memory, echolocation, flight, generating electricity and light, detecting electric and magnetic fields, color changing, etc.

Special thanks to animal lover Meena Sengottuvelu who reviewed early versions of these posts.

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