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50 Dirty Sex Songs with Filthy Lyrics & Nasty Beats πŸ’¦

From freaky hip hop to lusty dancehall, porno pop, and more, you won’t find these filthy-sexy songs on your mom’s racy music playlist.

I like music about vices: drugs, sex, alcohol, or preferably mixing all three. For funsies, I’ve often gone hunting for over-the-top sexual lyrics. So whether you’re looking for dirty music purely for the humor, for getting down to business, or you’re in search of a song to sing on your wedding night, I’ve got a well-honed list I’ve built up over the years. Hopefully you can find a new dirty favorite here to share with your lover or grandmother.

Advance warning: These are some of the dirtiest songs out there that are still actually good music. Of course, dirtiness (like goodness) is subjective, but making the cut required more than just singing a few lines about happy naked time. These songs mix in-your-face vulgarity (no mere double entendres here), a singular focus on getting it on, and some element of clever, funny, or unusual lyrics. The list is broken down by genre and is (unintentionally) biased toward music by women, partly because that’s true for most of my music but also because I think women have generally written better musical smut. Or maybe I just prefer women talking dirty to me.

Below, 🎦 marks music videos and 🎡 is used for tracks without music videos. In some cases I’ve skipped music videos because they were available only for a song’s clean version.


Spice, dancehall queen
Spice. Image: Spex Photography

Jamaican dancehall music has a knack for combining affection and explicit sexuality in a way that’s uncommon in other genres. Artists that stand out to me for their especially explicit (yet affectionate) lyrics include Spice, Vybz Kartel, and Lady Saw. Spice in particular is the queen of this category.

🎡 Go Go, by Spice β€” 2015; Lyrics

As you step through the door panty drop to floor
Give it to me baby fuck me hardcore
Have so much in store come mek we explore
Best in the world you never get this before
Mi pussy does a jump like a kangaroo
I’m like dripping so wet I’m so into you
Pussy tight, have the glue, grip like a brake shoe
Oh yeah, beat it till it black and blue

🎦 Conjugal Visit, by Spice feat. Vybz Kartel β€” 2014; Lyrics

🎦 Romantic Mood, by Spice β€” 2018; Lyrics

Foot pon shoulder, drop soap
Back shot, lizard lap
Skin out pon head top
Roast duck, mi know that
Doggy style, missionary, seesaw, mi nah flop
Wheelbarrow, monkey bar
Womb turn, I don’t stop

Spice describes her sexual repertoire. You’ll have to use your imagination because even Urban Dictionary doesn’t know what most of these are.

More dirty winners:

Rap & Hip Hop

Hip hop and rap have no shortage of x-rated raunch. Let’s dive in with this classic by one-hit-wonder Khia:

🎦 My Neck, My Back (Lick It), by Khia β€” 2002; Lyrics

Khia’s anthem for fans of getting their cooches smooched and peaches gobbled includes detailed instructions on how to combine cunnilingus and analingous to pop her wigglies. It’s so ridiculously over the top that a number of artists have created inspired covers, including my favorites by Elle King and Dan Henig. The contrast in these covers between their acoustic/soothing music and the underlying lyrics about the king of feasts results in even greater hilarity.

Lil' Kim
Album cover: The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)

And let us not forget nympho-rap trailblazer Lil’ Kim, who preceded artists like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and others who followed in her footsteps.

🎡 How Many Licks?, by Lil’ Kim feat. Sisqo β€” 2000; Lyrics

More recently came rapper CupcakKe, who rose from YouTube virality and whose name is a play on the bukkake fetish. She outdid basically everyone in the world on brazen hypersexuality, with an eight-inch helping of wordplay and horny humor.

Some representatively ridiculous lyrics:

CupcakKe. Image: Gay Times

Oops, last night this nigga couldn’t pull out
Because I accidentally sucked his dick with gum in my mouth

Gum, by CupcakKe

I want to eat yo’ dick
But I can’t fuck up my nails
So I’ma pick it up with chopsticks

Deepthroat, by CupcakKe

Here you go. Porno slapstick tunes (and low-budget music videos) by rap’s filthiest wordsmith:

You’ve no doubt heard this next song and possibly sing it in the shower. It was a critically acclaimed breakout hit, and there’s no denying it deserves a spot here.

🎦 WAP, by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion β€” 2020; Lyrics

WAP is another song with a selection of amusing covers. I’m partial to the renditions by Zane Hijazi (the church choir is a nice touch) and Qveen Herby.

Last of the featured tracks for this genre, here’s a song with a music video that manages to be simultaneously creative, funny, ridiculous, and highly suggestive:

🎦 Throat Baby (Remix), by BRS Kash feat. DaBaby, City Girls β€” 2021; Lyrics

More rap and hip hop:

See also: Wikipedia: Dirty rap.


All of the following pop songs are by female artists. For whatever reason, the most explicit put-your-face-in-my-asscheeks pop music tends to come from women. Explicit pop songs are also great because they often strike a lighter, more fun tone.


This first song hits all those notes, and has a fun music video to boot:

🎦 Bathroom Bitch, by Holychild β€” 2018; Lyrics

The remaining pop songs are all by gay/bi women. I’m not sure what that tells us, but I’m listening (and watching) intently.


It’s not hard to find at least unintended humor in most of this post’s songs, but the comedy songs below are clearly intended to amuse you more than turn you on.

🎦 Work It, by Ylvis β€” 2012; Lyrics

Girl, I wanna get you into my bed
But we ain’t gonna sleep, we make love instead
Your vagina is a self-cleansing muscular tract
With over 50,000 nerve cells ready to act
In fact 6.5 inches side to side and with a pH-value of 4.5

I appreciate Ylvis’s educational focus and scientific precision.

🎦 The Loophole, by Garfunkel and Oates β€” 2013; Lyrics

Fuck me in the ass ’cause I love Jesus
The good Lord would want it that way
Gimme that sweet sensation of a throbbing rationalization

Comedy-folk duo Garfunkel and Oates brilliantly skewer the practice of Christian girls retaining their technical virginity by thinking “outside the box.”

More comedy:

More Genres

Wheeler Walker, Jr.
Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Country, pop-rock, folk. A few more songs from genres that don’t often reach the same lyrically dirty depths (heights?).

The Classics

I’ll close out with some popular older songs that deserve a place here for being incredibly attention grabbing during their time.

  • 🎡 I Touch Myself, by Divinyls β€” 1990; Lyrics
  • 🎦 Closer, by Nine Inch Nails β€” 1994; Lyrics
  • 🎦 Me So Horny, by 2 Live Crew β€” 1989; Lyrics
    • The music might be outdated and the lyrics tame compared to many other songs here, but back in its day this song (and others from its album) were considered so obscene that the band was arrested for performing it and music store owners and employees were arrested for selling it. An obscenity ruling against 2 Live Crew was overturned on appeal and the reversal was upheld by the US Supreme Court.
  • 🎦 Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-A-Lot β€” 1992; Lyrics

For truly old-school dirty blues from the 1920s–50s, see Wikipedia: Dirty blues.

Hopefully you’ve found something new here that you liked. Which are your favorites, and what about your favorites that aren’t here but really should be?

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