Lecture at SAE Belgrade: Lessons from Facebook 🏫

While staying in Belgrade over the summer, my friend Dragan introduced me to his former computer science professor from SAE Institute Belgrade. SAE is an international private college that, at least in Belgrade, focuses primarily on audio engineering, filmmaking, and VFX animation, but their Belgrade campus also includes a smaller group of programming and web development students.

Vladimir, the professor at SAE, asked if I’d be willing to do a guest lecture where I talk about my experience as a software engineer and manager at Facebook and elsewhere. That sounded like fun, so I put together some simple slides, and here’s the result. It’s an hour-long presentation followed by a half-hour Q&A, and it got very positive feedback afterward from the students so I wanted to save it here for posterity.

Steven Levithan at SAE Belgrade: Lessons from my career at Facebook, and my path to becoming an industry expert (1:36:14)

The slides are here. The presentation includes fun facts about myself, some history of my early career in tech, a discussion of Facebook engineering culture and practices (as well as how I got a job at Facebook and what it’s like to work there), and a demo of some fun and advanced regular expressions.

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