Lecture at SAE Belgrade: Lessons from Facebook 🏫

While staying in Belgrade over the summer, my friend Dragan introduced me to his former computer science professor from SAE Institute Belgrade. SAE is an international private college that, at least in Belgrade, focuses primarily on audio engineering, filmmaking, and VFX animation, but their Belgrade campus also includes a smaller group of programming and web… Continue reading Lecture at SAE Belgrade: Lessons from Facebook 🏫

Heavy Metal Belgrade 🀘🏻

Mortal Kombat band, Serbia

I met Max at Serbian language school, and we'd agreed on a Friday to meet up the next day, which would be our first time hanging out for more than a 30 minute lunch between classes. It turned out great. We started at Republic Square, found a cafΓ© off of Knez Mihailova for a relaxing… Continue reading Heavy Metal Belgrade 🀘🏻